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ERWAT will use the lock down period to escalate work on the pumps station, lines and waste water plants. See details below

Posted: 25 March 2020 




 The purpose of this submission is to bring to your attention the urgency of fast-tracking the restoration of the 6 pump stations in the Vereeniging area.


  1. Discussion:

ERWAT has been appointed as an agent for the Vaal Intervention Project by the Department of Water, Sanitation and Human Settlement. ERWAT commenced with the project in December 2019 with the unblocking of the reticulation network in Evaton, Sebokeng, Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging regions. The work includes cleaning the lines to ensure that blockages are cleared to all connected manholes until they are interconnected to the main bulk lines.  In addition, part of the work was to assist Metsi to clear outstanding spillage backlogs.

The work has resulted in an improvement in service delivery to the public as well as minimizing the negative impact caused by spillages in the Vaal. This has also increased inflow to the waste water treatment plants and pump stations.  It has however been discovered that unblocking and cleaning of pipelines without plants and pump stations’ readiness, especially in Vereeniging, will be futile. Due to pump stations not fully operational, the sludge is not treated/rehabilitated to the required standard. Furthermore, overflowing pump stations exacerbate contamination to the ground and the river. From an environmental point of view, this will place ERWAT at great reputational risk.

In order to alleviate spillages into the Vaal River, there is an urgent need to fast track the restoration of 6 critical Pump stations in particular (see table 1). This restoration process is recommended as a short to medium term solution that can be implemented before the end of June 2019/20 financial year. This will yield operational cost savings and drastically reduce spillages into the Vaal River.



  The scope of work to restore pump stations 2, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 10 is as follows:-

  • Cleaning and unblocking of bulk lines that are linking 6 pump stations ( See table 1)
  • Sump cleaning for all 6 pump stations ( See table 2)
  • Minor pipe repairs ( if necessary)


  • List of pump to be recovered:


Pump Station Pump Type Pump Size Pump/s Required Pump/s Working Pump/s Short Repair Cost
P/S 2  - Abattoir Flyght CP 3300 75kW x  127 Amp 3 2 1 R 228 515.02
P/S 2A - Abattoir  Hydrostal 30kW x  78 Amp 2 1 1 NEW
P/S 3D - Leeuwkuil Dr Flyght CT 3300MT 13.5kW x 28 Amp 2 1 1 R 81 207.50
P/S 5 - Golf Road Flyght CP 3300MT 44 kW x 87 Amp 3 2 1 R 603 310.59
P/S 8 - Pou Str Flyght CP 3230 75 kW x 127 Amp 2 1 1 NEW
P/S 9 - Golf Road 2 x Flyght CP 3152 13.5 kW x 28 Amp 2 0 2 NEW
P/S 10 - Riviera Hotel 3 x Flyght CP 3300 MT 44 kW x 87 Amp 3 1 2 R 301 366.39

R 1 214 399.50

Table 1: SOW - Pump Stations Recovery from ILCA


 plant hire scope of work:

 The program of works for the main incoming sewer lines to pump stations 5,8,9,10 and 2 is tabulated below.





This proposed plan will be financed by Emfuleni for the recovery of pumps and panels. Simultaneously, ERWAT will embark on cleaning and minor repairs of the related bulk pipelines (where necessary) along the 6 critical pumps station path.

The methods used to justify this solution to restore back these pump stations are statutory (Environmental and OHS acts), strategic (Reputational Risk) and Operational Cost reduction (Plant Hire is an expensive exercise).



The total cost required to for this proposed plan amount to R 3 226 067.50    and completion date is 30 June 2020.    It should be noted that this proposal will   alleviate most of the sewer spillages in Vereenigin region.


  • METSI Operations and Pumps Stations Department
  • METSI Asset Management & Projects Department
  • ILCA Trading



It is recommended that:

The ERWAT Intervention Team and Metsi Committee consider and approve this restoration proposal plan for the 6 critical pump stations in Vereeniging area


ELM Pump Station LINE PLANTS Project Plan Mar - June 2020

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WATCH | ERWAT Kicks off VRIP (Vaal River Intervention Plan)

Posted 18 Dec 2019

GTCoC welcomes ERWAT role in Vaal sewage pollution crisis

By Craig Kotze

Organised business has welcomed waste water specialists ERWAT’s transparency and frankness in addressing the Vaal’s sewage pollution crisis and allegations that the company is itself a polluter elsewhere in Gauteng.

ERWAT formally started in Emfuleni on 1 December and last week its MD, Tumelo Gopane, participated in a high level press conference hosted by Executive Mayor Gift Moerane.

Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC) Water and Sanitation spokesperson Rosemary Cloete-Anderson has responded at length to Erwat’s  announced strategy and related issues as follows:

ERWAT MD Tumelo Gopane’s was addressed with some difficult questions at the 26th November’s Media Briefing.  One of them being that ERWAT currently does not have a blemish free reputation at their 19 waste water plants and therefore why should we believe that ERWAT can do the job of addressing the Emfuleni sewerage carnage and finally rehabilitating the Vaal River Reservoir - when they themselves have problems with some of their waste water treatment works within Ekurhuleni.

He answered candidly but with a lack of defensiveness.  He detailed how ERWAT was not perfect and specifically has structural problems at their Olivantsvlei waste water treatment works  which has required major infrastructure intervention.

The materialization of this intervention should shortly see a major improvement in the quality of the effluent discharged and that overall, ERWAT had a 89% compliance which was substantially higher than the national average.

Gopane also said that we had two options, we can either do nothing and just accept the fate we are in, or we can try to remedy the situation with the ERWAT intervention – and that is exactly what he intended to do.  With a sense of determination but with no sign of arrogance, he mentioned that he had decades of experience both overseas and in South Africa and that he had every intention of making a success of this challenge.  He was simply going to do it.

Mr Gopane also briefed the media that there would be several parallel programs - of simultaneously unblocking network pipes, repairing pump stations, restoring functionality at the three wastewater treatment plants and dredging at the two discharge points (Rietspruit and Klip).  He also accentuated that there was no point in doing any of this if there was not a program of operations, maintenance and security set in place from the onset.   This was heartening to hear, since this has been a concern expressed by many before regarding the maintenance of these points once they were rehabilitated including the security aspect.

MD Gopane also warned that due the need to unblock the network pipes that had been blocked for so long, obviously there will be a spike in the pollution as the sewerage blocked within these pipes is released. However, this unfortunately is a necessary part of unblocking of the pipes – and the rehabilitation of the system.

With all the false promises, starts, let downs and disappointments we have had for well over a decade – it is difficult not to feel jaded and sceptical regarding any new promises regarding the rehabilitation of the Vaal River System.

However, as MD Tumelo Gopane said, we can either do nothing - or we can start this new intervention with ERWAT as the implementing agent.

If Mr Gopane pulls this off – he will indeed be the Vaal’s hero since the major positive ramifications of the rehabilitation of the Vaal River System – will have a significant catalytic effect on the approval of the billions of rands worth of development projects currently on hold in the Vaal due to the moratorium.

Perhaps time to root for MD Tumelo Gopane!

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